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-====== ​LAPTOPS ​======+====== ​Laptops ​======
 /​**{{on-line_resources:​faq:​immaginecavi2.jpg|wall plug image}}*/ /​**{{on-line_resources:​faq:​immaginecavi2.jpg|wall plug image}}*/
-/* COMMENTATE [[:​services:​network:​internal:​network_access | Network (DHCP) connection for Laptop]] --[[:​services:​wireless|SISSA WiFi (Wireless Network) ]] */ +/* COMMENTATE [[:​services:​network:​internal:​network_access | Network (DHCP) connection for Laptop ]] --[[:​services:​wireless|SISSA WiFi (Wireless Network) ]] */ 
-<​html>&​nbsp;​ &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &​nbsp; ​ </​html>​Did you change your password in the last 6 months?{{:​esclamativo2.jpg?​30x30|warning!}}\\ +**Did you change your password in the last 6 months?**\\ 
-**To avoid any problems with** **the authentication of your laptop,​** ​ +To avoid some common ​problems with **the authentication of your laptop,** [[services:​accounts:​change_password|change your password]].\\
-[[services:​accounts:​change_password#To change your password|change your password ​using the WEBMAIL service]]  +
 ---- ----
-\\ +{{page>:services:sharedpage}}
-  * [[services:​network:​laptop:​connection|How to connect your laptop/pc to your SISSA workstation in text mode]]  +
-  * [[services/​network/​laptop/​freenx|FreeNX:​ How to connect YOUR LAPTOP to a SISSA LINUX workstation in graphic mode inside SISSA network]] +
- +
-  * To **connect your laptop to SISSA WIRED network**, please read the page: [[:services:network:​internal:​portauth:​info| Network Access: DHCP & LAPTOPS REGISTRATION.]] To connect your laptop, **do not unplug the network cable from a workstation.** Please use free network cable plug in the wall. For temporary lending of a network cable, please ask our helpdesk service (room 114).+
-  * To **connect to your SISSA linux workstation from outside SISSA**:​[[:​services:​network:​vpnclient| VPN client installation]] 
- +  ​* [[services:network:​laptop:​connection|How to connect your laptop/pc to your SISSA workstation in text mode]] 
-  *** [[services:wireless|SISSA ​WiFi (Wireless Network) ​]]**.\\+
   ​   ​
 +  * [[services:​network:​scp:​scp-index|How to transfer files between your laptop/pc and your linux SISSA workstation using SCP]] 
-  ​* [[services:​network:​scp:​scp-index|Scp:​ How to transfer files between your laptop/pc and your linux Sissa workstation]]  +  * [[:​services:​network:​proxy:​setsissa-proxyserver|How to improve speed accessing ​on many popular web sites working at SISSA]]
- +
-  ​* [[:​services:​network:​proxy:​setsissa-proxyserver|How to improve ​connection ​speed while accessing popular web sites working at Sissa using Sissa Proxy server]]+
   * [[services:​cablesadapters|Electrical cables and adapters ​ ]]   * [[services:​cablesadapters|Electrical cables and adapters ​ ]]
-  * [[sis:​regulations:​internal:​laptop|Laptop Policy]]+  * [[itcs:​regulations:​internal:​laptop|Laptop Policy]]
 \\ \\
-**<color teal> Please note:</​color>​** To reach your SISSA workstation (inside the SISSA network or using VPN), you have to use the following name format: \\ + 
-**//​workstationname.sector//​** or  **//​workstationname.sector//​.sissa.it** <​html>&​nbsp;​ &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &​nbsp; ​ </​html>​For example: //​lotar.fm//​ or  //​lotar.fm//​.sissa.it ​+
 \\ \\